Monday, 11 March 2013

DIY Melting Oil Pastels on Canvas

Most people glue their crayons/ oil pastels on the top of their canvas and melt them so that the wax runs down the canvas in straight lines. But I wanted to try something a bit different and decided to just put them in random places in the canvas. You can use oil pastels or crayons but I decided to use oil pastels:)


The first step is getting your oil pastels and choosing your colors. You don't need to buy a new set of oil pastels for this. You can use any old oil pastels you have and just use those. For your DIY project, you will need your oil pastels (obviously), a canvas and a hairdryer.



The next step is very simple but you need to be careful because you can burn your fingers. Just put your oil pastel on your canvas board and simply just start blow drying it! it will eventually melt and spread across you canvas.



This is the finished product and I love it so much! <3 This project took a little over 2 hours to finish and it didn't cost a lot. The oil pastels were $30 (HK) and the canvas was around $50.
I know its not perfect but I think it was okay for my first try! :)

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